MCAFEE ACTIVATE | Register and Activate McAfee | Enter Keycode and Get started 

Go to and activate your purchased McAfee product. No wonder, McAfee is in the top and prominent lists of antiviruses where you can protect the data, devices, and multiple internet work from virus, threats, and malware. Reaching on webpage, you must enter the activation code on the relevant field to install the McAfee on your computer.

Get started with McAfee – 4 Quick Steps 

Step 1: Go to URL.

Step 2: Locate the activation code and enter it.

Step 3: Submit the key and login to the McAfee account.

Step 4: Download and install the setup.



Find my 25-Digit McAfee activation key – Locate and Activate the Key asks for the McAfee activation key so that you can download the subscribed product on your computer. The McAfee license or activation key is a 25-digit alphanumeric keycode that helps in activating the product. There are a few ways to locate the McAfee activation key. You can purchase the key online as well as offline. One can also purchase the installation CD if the network connection in the area is slow and the key can be found from the instructions page of the CD. To find, locate and activate the McAfee activation key, check below instructions;


Locate the McAfee key online –

Purchase the McAfee key online from online stores such as McAfee store, Walmart, or Best Buy. Then, locate the key using the below steps;

  • Open the registered email.
  • Look for the received mail from McAfee.
  • Open this mail, and scroll down the page to locate the key.
  • Copy the key and paste at the page.


Locate the McAfee key offline –

Go to your nearby retail store and purchase the McAfee retail card. Then,

  • Open the product retail card packaging.
  • On its instruction side, look for the 25-digit hidden key – XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.
  • Type this code on the given installation link.
  • Submit the key and create your login account.


Manage Your McAfee Account –

As much as URL is important, the McAfee account also plays an important role in multiple activities such as activation, installation, renewal, and many more. You can manage McAfee Account after creating an account. If you didn’t create your account, then you can follow below process;


Create McAfee Account –


  • Go to and click on the My Account tab on the page top.
  • Hit the “sign-in” tab and you will reach on the login page.
  • Here on the right side, click on the Register Now tab.
  • Fill the asked form and submit details.
  • Confirm the email and complete the process.


Once you create McAfee Account, you can manage the account as per your wish. You can perform activities in your account as you required such as activation, renewing a subscription, or many others. To manage the McAfee account:

  • Go to the webpage.
  • From the top of the page, click on My Account and select the Sign In tab.
  • In the login page enter the registered email and password. Then, log in to McAfee Account.
  • Now, you can manage your account according to your choice such as;
  • From the ‘Your Subscription’ tab, you can purchase a new license and use it at page.
  • From the + tab, choose the device to protect and choose the license to download the software.
  • You can deactivate the subscription and install it on a new computer.
  • From ‘Check for updates’, you can upgrade the McAfee manually.


Renew the Expired McAfee Subscription – Enter the license at 

The McAfee subscription has a duration of providing services according to your purchase. After installation from the page, you can check the expiry date of your product. On the expiry over the date or before a few days ago, you will automatically start getting notification. You can renew the subscription using three methods included below;

Method 1 – Using McAfee Account

  • Visit login page
  • Sign in from My Account tab.
  • Click on My Account tab after login and select Subscriptions.
  • Hit the Renew tab.


Method 2 – From the taskbar

  • From the taskbar, double-tap on the McAfee icon.
  • Hit the “Your Subscription” button.
  • Click on “Buy a Subscription” and hit Buy Now.
  • Enter billing information.
  • Complete the payment and Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Activate and install the latest setup page.


Method 3 – Using Received Email

  • Open your mail and look for the received mail from McAfee.
  • Open the mail of the expiry subscription.
  • Look for the Renew subscription option and click on it.
  • It will redirect you to the renewal page.
  • Complete the payment and renew the McAfee subscription.


Download and Install McAfee Antivirus – Multiple device Protection 

Reach page and download the McAfee Antivirus. Before you go for the download process make sure that your device is ready for installation. You can check below requirement list that your device must fulfill;


Operating System And Hardware –

  • MS Windows 8,8.1, 10, and 7 SP 1.
  • MAC OS 10.12 to 10.15
  • Google Android and smartphone 4.1 or above.
  • iOS 10 or higher.
  • 1 GHz Processor, 2 GB RAM with 500 MB hard disk space


Supported Browsers –

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 10.0 or later
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
  • Microsoft Edge

If your device is fulfilling the all above requirements and connected to the high internet connection, then follow below instructions to download McAfee on your computer;

Step 1 – Visit webpage.

Step 2 – Enter the McAfee activation key.

Step 3 – Submit the key and login to the McAfee account.

Step 4 – Choose the reverent options to download the setup.

Step 5 – Select the device you want to protect and.

Step 6 – Click Download Wait for the complete download.

Step 7 – Double-click on the installed file.

Step 8 – Agree with the user license agreement.

Step 9 – Enter the key while asking for the activation code.

Step 10 – Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the installation.

On the completion of the installation, scan your computer, and protect it.


Activate Pre-installed McAfee Product –

Once you install the McAfee setup, it prompts for activating the product where you need to enter the activation key. Sometimes, users skip the activation steps during installation and the software remains inactivated. The online way to activate the product subscription is through the webpage. But, if you skipped the activation steps on your pre-installed McAfee product, then follow below instructions to activate it;

Step 1 – In your taskbar, right-click on the McAfee icon.

Step 2 – Click on Menu.

Step 3 – Choose the “Activate product” option.

Step 4 – Enter the key and activate the product.

If the McAfee product doesn’t activate, follow another process;

  • Open McAfee antivirus software.
  • Go to My Subscription.
  • On the Edit Profile option, fill the details and enter your email.
  • Click Next and create a password.
  • Click on Verify Subscription and complete the activation.


McAfee Mobile Security Installation – Complete Installation Steps 

McAfee offers a security application to secure mobile devices. Rather than trying to download from webpage, you can download McAfee mobile app from mobile application stores. You can follow below instructions to download and install McAfee Mobile Security;

McAfee For Android –

  1. Go to Google Play Store and look for McAfee Mobile Security.
  2. Install the app and open it.
  3. Review the Privacy and user License Agreement.
  4. Tap on the “Accept and Start Protection” option.
  5. Wait for the configuration and complete the installation.
  6. Now, open the McAfee security app and tap on the user icon.
  7. Select “Got an activation code” and enter the activation key.
  8. Create a 6-digit PIN, confirm it, and choose a security question.
  9. Activate and finish the process.

Installation from the app store is the easiest process without going through or any other online site.


McAfee for iOS –

  1. Open the Apple App store and look for McAfee Mobile Security.
  2. Tap on the Get button and agree with prompted permission.
  3. Wait for complete download and installation.
  4. Open the app and sign in to the McAfee account.
  5. Agree with the License Agreement and Privacy Notice and tap NEXT.
  6. Complete the process and scan your mobile.


How to activate the subscription at URL?

There are multiple ways to activate the subscription where is one of them. If you have a retail card, then it’s the best method to redeem the key and activate it. You can follow the below steps to activate McAfee;

Step 1 – Open the web browser and paste the link.

Step 2 – Choose your country and select language (always choose the correct region).

Step 3 – Type or paste the Activation code and enter an email.

Step 4 – Hit Submit and confirm that your email is valid. Hence, click Verify.

Step 5 – Now, your subscription is activated.


McAfee Pre-install tool – Install McAfee Consumer Products – Windows device Only

If the installation on your windows from has encountered issues, then you must take help from the Pre-install tool. The McAfee Pre-install tool prepares the windows to install the product. Install this tool by below steps;

Step 1 – Download the Pre-Install Tool from the official site.

Step 2 – Save the file in a location and look for the setup after download it.

Step 3 – Double-tap on the installer file – Pre-Install_Tool.exe.

Step 4 – Follow displayed prompts and Click ok to agree to the warning message for changes.

Step 5 – On the completion of the Pre-install tool installation, restart the PC.

Step 6 – Now, again try to install the McAfee product.

This time you will be successfully able to install your product on your computer.


How to update mobile security subscription?

Like the URL, if you download the McAfee mobile security from Google Play/Apple app store, then you will automatically get the updated application. But for already installed applications you can follow one of the below methods. The application can be updated in two methods including – through the web portal and from the portal.

Update using Web Portal –

  • Go to
  • Hit Settings and Subscription info.
  • Enter the key and hit Submit.
  • Open the McAfee app and access the app by entering the PIN.
  • Tap on the “Options” button and click on Subscription Information.
  • Tap Update Subscription and complete the process.


Update on your device –

This feature may or may not be on your device, hence you can follow the above steps if you have not available this option. Otherwise, follow below;

  • Open McAfee Mobile Security.
  • Enter the 6-digit PIN and access the app.
  • Tap Options.
  • Select Subscription Information.
  • Hit on the “Enter Subscription Key” option.
  • Enter the subscription key.
  • Tap OK.


Upgrade McAfee subscription services – Manually Update 

If you download the McAfee product from page, then you will get the latest version on your device. Also, turn on the automatic updates for being update each time. You can manually upgrade your software with below steps;

  • In your taskbar, on the bottom right corner, right-click on McAfee icon.
  • Click on the “Check for updates” option.
  • Wait until your software gets updated.
  • Open the McAfee and verify that it has updated or not.
  • If you see the Green status bar saying that – Your computer is secure, then the software is updated.
  • If you see the red status bar, then the software is in security risk.


If you feel any technical issues with your McAfee software inactivation or repurchase or you are facing any issues, then you can contact Support. The McAfee is available for home as well as business to secure multiple activities, data, identity, online shopping, banking, money transfer, and many others. From the past several years, McAfee has become award-winning antivirus. It has full protection features to keep you safe from hackers and data stealers. If you are a new user, then try out the McAfee once, you will surely come back to purchase it again.