Voting Secure From Blackberry Smartphones

Due to pandemic, in some states such as Colorado or others, the elections are unconstrained. Last week BlackBerry held a virtual event providing an update on its security offerings which could make voting secure. Web lacks enough security for elections in many U.S. parts where the current existing election hardware is aged one and available with insecurity.

As the desire of winning election can become worst while attempting to corrupt, Blackberry could make voting from smartphones secure by enabling online voting. The technology could play the best role in these days where online voting can be one of the important aspects. Here’s a brief and clear discussion that can let you know how blackberry can help in voting from smartphones securely.

The secure Voting process for election

Coming to the physical world, the historical issues during the voting is gathering at a place. People need to take off from work and the places are usually inconvenient. Also, the distance maintained can become difficult. As in the current situation of COVID-19, online voting can be the best way. The other issues during the election have been reported that most ballot machines are antiquated and insecure where no feedback loop is available, sometimes the votes don’t record, sometimes shows error and many others. 

Online voting could results more securely due to the feedback step where a tool can capture the total votes without any issues. Moreover, users will have the ability to check the report of their activities. 

Device security

Device security is an important aspect in the current market where the Windows 10 PCs are secured than older versions. Similarly, smartphones have the security issues which has an unsecured history where Apple Smartphone are included as secure mobile than others. Still, the apple’s policy says that even Apple can not be trustworthy in its security by obscurity policy.

For the election, the entire device security could be costly. If we go for the solution, then the voting app explicitly needs to be more secure where the device could not face critical compromise.  

Blackberry Protect for endpoint security

Blackberry Protect is the solution for endpoint security and prevention of devices. The virtual analyst event has explained well about Blackberry Protect which is embedding security technology in one app. It has a secure circle of everything including data, browser, and many others. The similar apps could be created for the voting where no error with the secured system could be held. BlackBerry is a Canadian firm, it might or might not play the real game for the U.S. election.

Final –

We can assume that online voting could take place that could take more time than we aspect. The current U.S. voting infrastructure is typical, insecure, and complicated for some. Yet, govt. doesn’t want to use such technologies as it seems that democracy is less important that may not give any benefits to politicians for their own.

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